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All Go!

Since New Year it has been all go here. I have been busy working on new commissions as well as ideas for Mothers Day which I just can't wait to see turned into glass. I've also been booking lots of events for the coming year and so will be busy over the next few weeks building up stock and designing my stall.

The following photo's show the process involved in creating a stained glass piece. I was asked to make a caravan as a gift for grandchildren to give to their grandparents. The client wanted the piece to include blue and amber glass


The first step is design and glass selection.

Each piece is then cut using a glass cutting tool and shaped using sandpaper and glass grinder, each piece is then fitted to the final design.

Each glass piece is then washed to remove any oils before being wrapped in a copper foil.

Finally the pieces are placed together in the final form ready to be soldered in place. After a final wash to remove residual flux, a hanging loop is added along with a chain and the piece is complete.

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