Studio 10

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My workshop and gallery, Studio 10 will play host to Artweeks 2021 where myself and two other fantastic artists will exhibit unique and beautiful works from 15th to 23rd May 2021. 

The studio will open 11am - 5:00pm throughout the week and we will be offering light refreshments for a donation to support local charities, wheelchair access and parking.

Where to find us

Meet the Artists



Kerry Houghton Glass Designs

I really enjoy making pieces that are both functional and decorative. Table lamps and garden lanterns are a particular favourite of mine as I love the way the illuminated glass enhances a cosy a room on a winters night and adds a beauty to the garden on a summers evening. No two pieces of glass are ever the same and the way the light catches and reflects the colours can be breath-taking. The appearance of stained-glass art constantly changes throughout the day depending on where its located, the intensity of reflected light, whether lit by artificial light or natural daylight. Many of my pieces reflect the natural world; animals, woodland and the sea all influence my work and I am currently enjoying exploring ways of combining my glass work with other materials such as metals, woods and even fossils.

Chrissy Morton - Taylors Boho Designs

My exhibition this year has many varied individual pieces. I design and make, one off and limited edition items of jewellery, along with artistic wire creations from my little workshop.
Using precious metals, genuine gemstones and organic treasures and occasionally using other mediums when I feel it’s right for that particular project.
Ethically sourced materials are very important to me. I recycle metals and gems wherever I can.
When making wedding pieces, incorporating a loved one’s item into the piece brings much joy and meaning to the finished article.

Victoria Ward Pottery 

I am still fairly new to the world of pottery and this will be my first Art weeks experience!

Since taking up pottery in 2016 (then just a two hour a week hobby) I have experimented with many different pottery techniques but wheel throwing has become my firm favourite. I find the whole process of creating a form relaxing and very rewarding. All of my pieces are one of a kind, I like customers to know they are buying a unique handcrafted item.
I am particularly fascinated with colour and pattern, glazing is my passion, I especially love the effects that layering several different glazes creates.